Why The Super Crawl Is the Best New Way to Experience Chicago Nightlife




Like any big city, Chicago has a nightlife scene that can be hard to navigate for the first-time tourist or for visitors just popping in for a weekend of fun. Even local Chicagoans can have a hard time keeping up with which club is “hot” at any time, or what types of crowds hang out at which bars on which nights. That’s the problem that The Super Crawl, a new experience created by a group of plugged-in young Chicagoans, is trying to solve.


In many ways, you can think of The Super Crawl as “the greatest hits” of Chicago nightlife. On any given night, you’ll hit a mix of cocktail bars, Irish pubs, electro lounges and night clubs. And you’ll hit them on the right night, which is important since so many bars and clubs have different theme nights. If you’re taking a group of friends along with you for a wild bachelor’s party, you want to make sure that you’re hitting the right places with the right crowds.


The highlight of the night for most people is the final stop of the night – that’s when The Super Crawl hits a hot Chicago nightclubs and participants get VIP entry. You’ll pull up in front of a posh club where people are lined up in front of a velvet rope, waiting to get in. With The Super Crawl, though, you’ll just go to the front of the line, give a little head nod to the bouncer in front, and you’re ready to hit the dance floor.


According to the co-founders of The Super Crawl, the whole experience was really set up to cater to the type of person who wants to see “the real Chicago” that you simply won’t find in the online guides to the city. The list of the best clubs and bars in the city changes too fast for many people to keep up, and that’s where The Super Crawl takes over. They take the hassle out of trying to plan “the perfect night” – as long as you have your ID proving that you’re 21+, you’re good to go.


As a result, some of the biggest fans of The Super Crawl are actually local Chicagoans planning birthday parties and bachelor/bachelorette parties. It’s an easy way for a group of friends to put together a fun mobile party that hits all the premium bars and clubs in the city.


What has been surprising for The Super Crawl founders has been the word-of-mouth buzz that the whole bar and club experience has started to attract on social media among foreigners. At any given time, Chicago has a large number of young foreign students and backpackers in the city who are visiting for a short period of time, and The Super Crawl is a way for them to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On The Super Crawl website and Facebook page, young backpackers from as far away as France, Greece and Russia rave about the experience, especially as a way to connect with locals and learn more about the city.

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If you’re looking for the very best in Chicago nightlife, The Super Crawl really delivers. You’ll get to experience all the premium hot spots along the Gold Coast, as well as the hidden “under the radar” spots that even the best guidebooks don’t know about. Whether you are a local, or just a visitor in Chicago for the weekend, The Super Crawl is one of the best ways to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife.

The Super Crawl Experience


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